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Auditing executed actions

Adabas | Auditing an Adabas Database

Due to regulatory requirements, there is an increasing need to log the actions of users. Critical actions might even need to be checked for correctness. This article shows how such auditing of actions in an Adabas database can look like. Therefore, the logs produced by Adabas will be transformed into human readable log files. Afterwards they will be sent to an Elasticsearch or OpenSearch cluster for further processing.

The APEX login screen

Authorization in Oracle APEX with LDAP groups

A while ago I was part of a project team with the task to intodruce Oracle Application Express in our company. This tool is used to simply present database querys graphically in a browser application. While most installation and administration steps are well documented, we couldn’t find anything to have an authorization within an APEX app based on LDAP groups. And that’s why I want to present with which solution we came up. In this article I’m referring to APEX in version 5.1.